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Erasmus+ KA210-ADU - Small-Scale Partnerships in Adult Education



What is D-PATH?


D-PATH  is an inclusive, educational, health promoting project targeting  3  groups: diabetes and metabolic disease ill people, related families and educators. It aims to look into  the needs of this groups with a purpose to help the first two become socially included with help from the latter.  To this end the partnership  plan an overall research and needs assessment  to enable the development of a board game, adaptation of a number of training sessions and support activities. Beside awareness raising on nutrition and metabolic diseases and meetings in Poland and Romania, the partners will  promote and disseminate the project results  internationally, at an EU level and in the partners’ countries while considering options for follow up.


The outcomes planned for delivery include a  research report  in the field of dealing with diabetes and metabolic diseases, a board game for diabetics to understand their own  needs, problems and solutions, opportunities and risks,  raising awareness  lego +robotics tools to show chemical reactions in the human body as related to nutrition. In addition a blog  will enable sharing advice, solutions and back up  for diabetics , their families and educators to help them  cope with everyday life difficulties. A variety of identity, promo materials,  e-publications and videos will make the outcomes visible to the diabetes communities.


The partnership  is coordinated by  FUNDACJA WYMIANY KULTUROWEJ TO TU TO TAM  - Poland  with partners from  GreeceRomania and Sweden .

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